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About Alkaram Keryana Online

Alkaram Keryana online is a customer-focused e-commerce platform designed to make shopping easier and more convenient. As Pakistan’s leading online grocery store, starting with services in moon marriage hall Farooq e Azam road jhang sadar we strive to be the nation’s preferred e-commerce platform by delivering on our SMART principles of being efficient, reliable, and customer-focused.


Our goal is to grow the online community by becoming the most popular e-commerce platform in the nation, utilizing our unique SMART principle


The mission of Alkaram Keryana online is to provide a customer-focused e-commerce solution that simplifies shopping through our innovative SMART approach, enhancing the lives of all customers.

The values at Alkaram Keryana online are embodied by our SMART principles:

• Fostering innovation through collaboration
• Providing unparalleled customer service
• Being accountable in all our actions
• Revolutionizing shopping through technology
• Cultivating a team-oriented and family-like atmosphere with passion and energy.

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